Schtroumpfs coloring pages

These famous blue characters are born from the pen of Peyo in 1958.
The name comes from a meal with Peyo and Franquin (creator of comics including Lagaf). Asking the salt, but not remember the name of this object, Peyo reportedly said “”Give me the … schtroumpf”” (the original name, translated in english in “”Smurf””) !
In all cases, your children will enjoy coloring these Smurfs prints!

Coloring_schtroumpf-1 free to print

 3 coloring of the Smurfs, Gargamel with

Coloring_schtroumpf-2 free to print

 Image of Smurfs to print and color

Coloring_schtroumpf-3 free to print

 The Smurfs painter

Coloring_schtroumpf-3 free to print

 Smurf Village

Coloring_schtroumpf-4 free to print

 Smurf print

Coloring_schtroumpf-4 free to print

 Two Smurfs mop

Coloring_schtroumpf-5 free to print

 A Smurf and a dragon

Coloring_schtroumpf-5 free to print

 A Smurf picking apples

Coloring_schtroumpf-6 free to print

 The great Smurf Coloring

Coloring_schtroumpf-7 free to print

 Real life in the Smurfs

Coloring_schtroumpf-8 free to print

 The Smurfs Movie coloring Version

Coloring_schtroumpf-9 free to print

 4 simple coloring Smurfs

Coloring_schtroumpf-10 free to print

 Smurfs print and color

Coloring_schtroumpf-clown-gargamel-1 free to print

 Painter Smurf

Coloring_schtroumpf-schtroumpfette-6 free to print

 The famous Smurfette

Coloring_schtroumpf-schtroumpfette-7 free to print

 Smurfette simple coloring

Coloring_schtroumpf-schtroumpfette-et-bebe2 free to print

 Smurfette and baby