Looking for coloring pages for children ?

In our website, we offer hundreds of coloring pages for kids to print for free!

You will find many coloring pages with the characters and themes your children like : TV Characters, Films and Cartoons, Superheroes, Animals, Various themes like Christmas or Halloween, etc …
Regularly, we will put new contents, so do not hesitate to add this site to your Favorites!

Coloring pages of animals

Animals coloring pages : dogs, cats and horses, but also dinosaurs and insects !

Thematic coloring pages

Christmas, Halloween, Seasons, Carnival … very popular themes and periods of the year necessarily children, which give the opportunity to make beautiful coloring. You choose the desired color drawings, and print …
We also offer print images of princesses, knights, dragons, several popular children’s world.

Educational coloring pages

Coloring shapes, numbers or letters is a fun activity par excellence! We also offer games mazes, coloring or simply read and magical coloring.

Art coloring pages

Here is a good way to familiarize children with art : make them color art masterpieces ! Here are some of the most famous masterpieces, turned into coloring pages.

Coloring Pages of Films and animations Cartoons

Coloring pages of characters from classic Disney Cartoons and movies

We offer a selection of coloring pictures of characters from classic Disney cartoons and movies, which will grow over time.

Coloring pages of characters from animated films by Disney and Pixar

Animated films by Disney and Pixar have raised the most endearing characters of our common popular culture.
We offer a selection of coloring pictures of characters from animated films (CGI) Disney / Pixar.


Discover our coloring great movies like Star Wars, Arthur …

Coloring pages of TV Characters

Which child has never watched an episode of Dora the Explorer? Or played games inspired by the Hello Kitty universe? What little girl has never played with a Barbie? Or more recently with the Monster High?Hundreds of timeless and unforgettable characters are born or passed through the TV box. Even if some do now spend more on TV, we offer a selection of Coloring TV characters, which we are sure will appeal to your children!

Super heroes coloring pages

Coloring pages of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man … Super coloring of these unusual characters! Not to mention the Avengers.
The boys will LOVE coloring these superheroes !


Books characters coloring pages

Many of the characters from these galleries have been brought to the screen (small or big) … But it is the literary department they were born! Find Tintin, Asterix, or more recent characters like Titeuf, in beautiful coloring!

Coloring pages of Video Games characters

Voici des images à imprimer et colorier de personnages bien connus des enfants, car issus du monde des Jeux vidéo. Vous trouverez les classiques Mario et Sonic, mais également des personnages issus de Jeux plus récents comme Angry Birds et Skylander.