Cars 2 coloring pages

In Cars 2, you can see the city of Paris, the main monuments were "car-ized." One can for example see the gargoyles of Notre dame are cars!
This is the second time that Pixar was working on the "re" design Paris after Ratatouille.
Good coloring with these images Cars 2 print!

Colorings-cars2-8 free to print

 Raoul it rolls Cars 2 print and color

Colorings-cars2-9 free to print

 Coloring Rip Clutchgoneski

Colorings-cars2-10 free to print

 The Queen of England in Cars 2 !

Colorings-cars2-1 free to print

 Grem Cars 2

Colorings-cars2-2 free to print

 Coloring Grem straight out of Cars 2

Colorings-cars2-3 free to print

 3 wheel car ( Falling ) Cars 2

Colorings-cars2-4 free to print

 Cars Cars 2 lego !

Colorings-cars2-5 free to print

 Coloring Cars 2: David Hobbscap

Colorings-cars2-6 free to print

 The famous Lightning McQueen in Cars 2 coloring

Colorings-cars2-7 free to print

Image Max Schnell to print and color