Monsters university coloring pages

Monsters University is the sequel to Monsters & Company, released in 2001.
Did you know that the big bad of this movie is a Millepatte (Scolopendra gigantea) ?
The filmmakers have struggled to decide what would look like this great evil.
In French version, it is Catherine Deneuve who give his voice to this character.
Place in coloring, with these images Monsters Academy images!

monstres-academy-prof-kinght-big free to print

 Professor Knight Monsters Academy

monstres-academy-python-nu-kappa-big free to print

 Cheerleaders Academy Monsters

monstres-academy-scott-squibbles-squishy-big free to print

 Squishy to print and color ( Monsters Academy )

monstres-academy-affiche-big free to print

 2 friends Monsters Academy : Bob and Sully

monstres-academy-amis-monstres_big free to print

 Bob and new monsters after Monster and company

monstres-academy-art-big free to print

 Funny Monster ART Monsters and company

monstres-academy-bob-et-sully-big free to print

 Bob and Sully Monsters academy

monstres-academy-bob-razowski-big free to print

 Image of Mike Wazowski to print and color

monstres-academy-don-carlton-big free to print

 Don Carlton print

monstres-academy-doyenne-dean-hardscrabble-big free to print

 Scary Dean Dean Hardscrabble in a beautiful coloring of Monsters 2

monstres-academy-jacques-sullivent-big free to print

 Sully student in the Pixar film Monsters academy

monstres-academy-leon-bogue-big free to print

 Leon Bug young in Monsters Academy

monstres-academy-les-jox-big free to print

 Coloring for Kids Monsters Academy