Up! coloring pages

Who would have thought that up there, an animated film featuring a Grandpa and a young scout would be such a success? And yes, even with topics such as aging, death ... Disney / Pixar manages to make us dream. I must say after a first very moving and sad part, this film takes a colorful twist and very oriented adventure.
This film is worth seeing again and again! Here are some images up there to print and color.

Coloring-la-haut-1 free to print

Carl Fredricksen and Russell in their adventures

Coloring-la-haut-1 free to print

 The top drawing coloring

Coloring-la-haut-2 free to print

 Image of The High print

Coloring-la-haut-3 free to print

 Home to 100,000 balloons

Coloring-la-haut-4 free to print

 When Carle discovers Russel "to" his house

Coloring-la-haut-5 free to print

Carl Fredricksen and coloring Russell

Coloring-la-haut-6 free to print

 Coloring The Top