Lilo and stich coloring pages

Lilo and Stich is part of the "Disney classics Great" but has a totally unique style (graphical perspective and history).
Given his success, he has been the subject of several derivatives films released directly to video, and TV series.
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Coloring-lilo-et-stich-1 free to print

Simple Coloring funny Stich

Coloring-lilo-et-stich-2 free to print

 Lilo and Stich or the story of a great friendship

Coloring-lilo-et-stich-2 free to print

 Stich image to print

Coloring-lilo-et-stich-3 free to print

 Stich sits

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 Coloring alien Stich !

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In Hawaii we love surfing !

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 Lilo image to print and color