Shrek coloring pages

This is Alain Chabat who lends his voice to the character of Shrek in 4 episodes that have this series! Shrek is the first real success of Dreamworks, Pixar's biggest competitor / Disney animated films. Initial success followed by many others, standing out by Pixar productions humor and a lot more quirky style.
Place the coloring, with a few images of Shrek print!

Coloring-shrek-9 free to print

Coloring Shrek running around

Coloring-shrek-1 free to print

 Image of Shrek and Fiona to print and color

Coloring-shrek-1 free to print

 Children Shrek and Fiona together in a beautiful drawing

Coloring-shrek-2 free to print

 Shrek and his friend Donkey

Coloring-shrek-2 free to print

 Free Colroiage Shrek 4 with the ogre, Donkey and Puss in Boots

Coloring-shrek-3 free to print

 Another beautiful coloring page Shrek and donkey

Coloring-shrek-3 free to print

 Beautiful family portrait

Coloring-shrek-4 free to print

 Video taken from Shrek 4

Coloring-shrek-5 free to print

 Finoa in Shrek 4 is not really a princess ...

Coloring-shrek-7 free to print

 Shrek coloring alone

Coloring-shrek-8 free to print

A smiling ogre !