Horses coloring pages

Beautiful images of horses and ponies to print and color. We've selected the most beautiful drawings of horses for you to make stunning creations. Many styles and levels of difficulty are available. Did you know that the oldest fossils of horses date back there ... 60 million years? 5 Million years after the extinction of dinosaurs !!

Cheval à colorier free to print

A majestic horse coloring

Coloring de cheval free to print

Little girl and her horse

Cheval au galop free to print

Another majestic horse coloring

Cheval dans le vent free to print

Beautiful horse drawing the mane in the wind coloring

Cheval de course free to print

 Race horse and jockey

Chevaux et oies free to print

Time complexity between a girl and her horse

Superbe cheval à colorier free to print

 Beautiful coloring in perspective with this beautiful horse

Cheval et son petit free to print

A horse and small, with thick lines to facilitate the color

Indien sur cheval free to print

Drawing of Horse and small indian print and color

Cheval qui se cabre free to print

A horse rears

Cheval et enfant free to print

A child washing her horse

Cheval au grand galop free to print

Galloping horse coloring

Cow boy free to print

Cowboy and his horse coloring

2 chevaux free to print

2 horses having fun

Simple Coloring de cheval free to print

Simple Coloring Horse

Coloring-chevaux-1 free to print

 Cowboy and horse print and color

Coloring-chevaux-1 free to print

 Beautiful horse picture coloring

Coloring-chevaux-2 free to print

 Simple coloring of a horse race

Coloring-chevaux-2 free to print

 A prince, a princess, and their trusty steed

Coloring-chevaux-3 free to print

 What a lovely mane coloring !