T’choupi coloring pages

There are over 59 different stories published in book since the creation of this character, in 1992.
A total of 6 million copies of these books have been sold worldwide.
T'choupi has been an animated series and even an animated movie in 2004.
This little penguin (yes T'choupi is inspired by the animal) is popular with toddlers, by the simplicity of these stories, and the quality of its illustrations, whether in book or cartoon.
Find in this gallery multiple images of T'choupi to color. Have fun!

Coloring-tchoupi-3 free to print

 T'choupi image to print, for a very simple coloring

Coloring-tchoupi-3 free to print

 Drawing on his bike T'choupi

Coloring-tchoupi-4 free to print

 T'choupi with his blanket and his friends

Coloring-tchoupi-5 free to print

 It's raining! Yours coloring T'choupi

Coloring-tchoupi-6 free to print

 The little clown fun

Coloring-tchoupi-1 free to print

 Drawing T'choupi awakening to print and color

Coloring-tchoupi-1 free to print

 Simple coloring T'choupi and sound blanket for children