Super mario coloring pages

The character of the plumber Super Mario, accompanied by his brother Luigi, appeared for the first time in 1985, in a video game released on the flagship console of the time: the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).
""Super Mario"" has since declined on various consoles from Nintendo.
Did you know that to create Mario, the Japanese creator Miyamoto was inspired by the love triangle between Popeye, Olive and Brutus?
Find below our Mario bros pictures to print and color. With these, your children will make beautiful coloring inspired by the famous video game!

Colorings-mario-bros-2 free to print

 Image of Super Mario World to print

Colorings-mario-bros-1 free to print

 Drawing Mario coloring with Luigi , Wario and Yoshi

Colorings-mario-bros-3 free to print

 Mario and Luigi brothers

Colorings-mario-bros-1 free to print

Several well-known characters fans of Mario games

Colorings-mario-bros-2 free to print

 The famous plumber ready for action

Colorings-mario-bros-3 free to print

 Mario and Luigi drawing to print

Colorings-mario-bros-4 free to print

 Mario and Luigi toddlers !

Colorings-mario-bros-5 free to print

 Bowser 's nemesis Mario

Colorings-mario-bros-4 free to print

 Coloring Mario Kart

Colorings-mario-bros-6 free to print

 Another pretty picture of Mario looking for stars

Colorings-mario-bros-7 free to print

 Simple drawing of Mario and Luigi

Colorings-mario-bros-8 free to print

 Mario and his favorite sport: Crush Turtle !

Colorings-mario-bros-9 free to print

 Image of Bowser to print and color