Avengers coloring pages

The Avengers is a group of superheroes from the Marvel comics. The original team consisted of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and the Wasp and Ant Man! In Cinema, the movie The Avengers, released in 2012, was a huge success. He is the one who reported the highest profits in the history of the 7th art! You know that part of the movie script had to be rewritten because the actor Samuel Jackson had stolen his copy of the initial script? Go to you to choose your favorite design and color it! (well. .. your children :))

Coloring-comics-avengers-1 free to print

All together Avengers

Coloring-comics-avengers-1 free to print

 Coloring Comics Avengers style

Coloring-comics-avengers-2 free to print

 The Avengers ready to fight coloring

Coloring-comics-avengers-3 free to print

 Coloring Agengers

Coloring-comics-avengers-4 free to print

Image of Avengers to print and color

Coloring-comics-avengers-5 free to print

 Coloring Avengers to print and color

Coloring-comics-avengers-6 free to print

 Beautiful drawing Avangers

Coloring-comics-avengers-7 free to print

 The Avengers together for justice

Coloring-comics-avengers-8 free to print

 The Avengers Coloring

Coloring-comics-avengers-9 free to print

 Action scene with the Avengers

Coloring-comics-avengers-10 free to print

 Superheroes are not afraid

Coloring-comics-avengers-11 free to print

 The Avengers Coloring

Coloring-comics-avengers-12 free to print

 Another beautiful drawing Agengers

Coloring-comics-avengers-13 free to print

 Coloring Avengers print

Coloring-comics-avengers-14 free to print

Fine full team