Iron man coloring pages

Iron Man is the new favorite Super Hero of the 2010's boys. This is in large part due to the success of the Iron Man trilogy movies, masterfully interpreted by Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man can be considered as the brother of Spiderman! And yes, these two characters were created by Stan Lee.

Coloring-iron-man-1 free to print

The bionic armor Iron Man

Coloring-iron-man-2 free to print

 Free coloring Iron Man fighting against an evil

Coloring-iron-man-3 free to print

 Iron Man in fighting stance

Coloring-iron-man-3 free to print

 Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit

Coloring-iron-man-4 free to print

 Iron Man coloring : Single

Coloring-iron-man-4 free to print

With his armor, Tony Stark becomes Iron Man and can fly !

Coloring-iron-man-5 free to print

Superb coverage of Iron Man

Coloring-iron-man-5 free to print

 Beautiful drawing of Iron Man to print and color

Coloring-iron-man-6 free to print

Iron man beautifully drawn coloring

Coloring-iron-man-7 free to print

 The Iron Man armor

Coloring-iron-man-8 free to print

 Another Iron Man coloring to print

Coloring-iron-man-9 free to print

 Iron man prepares for battle

Coloring-iron-man-10 free to print

 Iron Man coloring simple to perform

Coloring-iron-man-11 free to print

 Focus on Iron Man

Coloring-iron-man-13 free to print

 Tony Stark the wealthy businessman became ... Iron Man!