Legos coloring pages

Did you know? The first Lego bricks appeared in 1949.
But it was not until 1958 that the elements took their final form, as we now know.
Lego has declined in many series, either original or related to such franchises as Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc ...
But in all cases, all the bricks are compatible with each other, that's the strength of Lego!
Découvez our Lego images to print, good coloring!

Coloring-lego free to print

  Coloring legos

Coloring-lego-camions free to print

   Image of a lego truck print

Coloring-lego-starwars free to print

  Lego Star Wars coloring

lego-Colorings-0 free to print

  Coloring Legos in Cow Boy

Coloring-camion-police-lego free to print

  Lego Police Truck Coloring

Coloring-chevaliers-lego free to print

  Lego knights coloring

Coloring-lego-2 free to print

Drawing Knights Legos to print & color